Since 1967, TECHAP has been supplying companies in process engineering, water treatment, plant and apparatus construction, the chemical industry and mechanical engineering with components and complete plants such as process valves, shut-off valves (also in ceramic for such things as chlorine gas), injectors, reflux valves, reflux regulating valves, successive switching valves for change columns, excess current pressure keeping valves, complete ion exchanger plants for dehardening, complete or partial desalinisation, mixed bed plants, residual metal removing plants, neutralisation plants with the stand of flowthrough technique and other special and simulation plants and apparatuses for the field of cooling water.

TECHAP develops and produces its own uP controller mechanisms and measuring devices for process control and measuring į C, uS/cm, pH, rH, turbidity, moisture, level and measurement evaluation for such things as process control tasks. When our company was set up in 1967, we began developing and producing the high-performance process valves that have still not been surpassed for quality even today for operating and regenerating ion exchangers for 4 different types of techniques and 5 rated widths from DN 20 ... DN 80. In measuring and control technology, TECHAP produces freely-programmable microcontroller mechanisms with integrated analog measurement processing, operator-led programming on the front keyboard and SPC and soft SPC control mechanisms including visualisation. Today, TECHAP is working on developing devices and techniques within our range of components according to the customerís special requirements. Control-regulating-metering.

Our internationally patented TWIN-BALL-SYSTEM allows completely new designs of part-turn valve actuators, step actuators (also reversible), pumps, part-turn movements in handling technique, pneumatic motors, hydraulic part-turn valve actuators and motors all the way to explosion motors. Our undeniable benefits are a high degree of efficiency, a torques separated from the stroke, minimum wear and tear and low production costs.

For the field of environmental protection, TECHAP supplies chemical vapour locks with accessories such as a fine strainer and quick-action closing equipment for compressed air filling processes and prewashers for removing CO2 (for ultrapure water).

We have included the following new things in our range of products: valveless ceramic piston metering pumps (also pulsation-free), vacuum pumps, electrically and pneumatically driven ball valves 2/2 and 3/2, pneumatic and hydraulic part-turn valve actuators with our TWIN-BALL-SYSTEM for such things as handling technique, ceramic piston regulating valves for aggressive gases (chlorine gas).

Other products are in development. We have reorganised and compiled our selection of products in the present chapter.

TECHAP supplies based upon the most recent version of our General Terms and Conditions of Supply and Payment. Furthermore, we expressly reserve ourselves the right to make technical changes in the design, shape and further development. This catalogue is dated the beginning of 2000 and it is not subject to TECHAPís updating service. Previous documents herewith become invalid.