6-WAY CERAMIC Injection and Switching Valve
Technical data:
6-way switching valve for gases DN 0.5 at 6 bar medium pressure, impinged on two sides pneumatic operation, impulse controlled, control air consumption 3.7 ml/lift movement, control pressure 3.5 ... 8 bar valve sealing elements made of inert ceramics connecting pipes made of FeNI 42 1.58 mm Diameter switching times: 30 ... 100 msec depending upon the control pressure. The pipe diameter of the control air line and the length influence the switching times.
Switching valve from TECHAP for use in chromatographic analysis systems are highly developed valve systems and are composed of two components.
1) the valve with the sealing element, consisting of inert ceramic designed without a stuffing box, available at the present as a 6-way valve with connecting pipes installed directly gas tight into the ceramic sealing element 1,58 mm x 0,25 mm wall thickness x 200 mm length.
2) the latest design actuator drive, based upon the TWIN BALL SYSTEM patented throughout the world as a pneumatic drive, impinged on two sides, to 285 C.
order data
order number
890 0115
switching valve, impinged on two sides without rinsing connection, 180°C
6 x 1,6 mm
890 0116
switching valve, impinged on two sides with rinsing connection-M5, 180°C
6 x 1,6 mm
890 0118
switching valve, impinged on two sides with rinsing connectiong-M5, 285°C
6 x 1,6 mm