• Complete ion exchangers
  • Complete desalinisation
  • Partial desalinisation
  • Decarbonisation
  • Metal recovery
  • Residual metal removal
  • Reverse osmosis systems
  • Gravel filters - carbon filters
  • Softening systems (salt saving techniques)
  • Cycle rinsing systems
  • Water transfer stations (Pipe separations)
  • Neutralisation systems
  • Special Process Engineering Systems and Devices
  • The Process: UVK, UVG, UVR, UVM
TECHAP's complete systems are finished hydrauli-cally piped, electrically wired and built on square steel pipe frames. Equipped with all equipment necessary for the scope of delivery and with flawless functioning such as valves, control mechanisms with microprocessor equipment and integrated measuring equipment (only with desalinisation systems), filters input and output valves, ion exchanger resins and exchanger vessels. If a regeneration system is necessary, this should be ordered additionally. Control mechanisms for single or oscillating desalinisation systems are equipped with 32 digital target value switches to be able to separately control the automatic regeneration triggering, the washing phase in the saving technique and the pure water valve. The control mechanisms of single systems are mounted directly on the mounting frame in the wall installation housing.
Oscillating control mechanisms are built in a variety of different size switching cabinets between the mounting frames depending upon the additional equipment. This is dependant the space requirements. The 19" switch-ing cabinets may be supplied for an additional price.
Desalinisation Oscillating Systems are formed by doubling the appropriate single systems. The price for the oscillating control mechanism with 19 equipment is calculated based upon the size of the switching cabinet and the performance component required. We use a steel cabinet as a switching cabinet with a foldable glazed front door and foldable rear component where the terminals, fuses and contacts are. We test and examine all systems before delivery to ensure complete functioning if the switching cabinet was supplied by TECHAP, without chemicals. The systems are packed on pallets and delivered unregenerated.