Level Switch - High-Temperature Conductor System, teflon-welded
No moving mechanical parts, resistant to chemicals, PTFE welded, may be used up to 40 C of medium temperature. This system consists of a flexible sensor with approximately 4 mm diameter and a cable length of 2,700 mm, maximum immersion depth of 2,000 mm and the switching amplifier in the snap-on housing for switching cabinet installation (snap-on as with tracks).

1 or 2 measuring amplifiers in one housing.
Switching delay: approximately 6 seconds
order number
maximum immersion depth of the transmitter is 2,5m
350 0300
1500 cable length for the transmitter
350 0301
2700 cable length for the transmitter
350 0201
switching amplifier, 1 forward break-over point
350 0202
switching amplifier, 2 forward break-over points
350 0400
switching amplifier equipped with switching amplifier hold switch