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PISTON METERING PUMP, also pulsation-free
PUMPING CAPACITIES: • digital regulating range 100 : 1
KT 0012 6µl/min • KTC = controller regulated
KT 02 0,2 l/h • KTH = potentiometer regulated
KT 04 0,4 l/h • KTF = fixed-speed drive
KT 06 0,6 l/h • KTZ = pump without motor
KT 4 3,6 l/h • KTD = pulsation-free pumps
KT 10 10,0 l/h • special models upon request
KT 20 20,0 l/h acids, alkaline solutions, HF, pickling and anodising baths, cleaning agents and solvents, soaps, alcohol, propellants, methanol (benzene diesel), oils, additives, paints, lacquers, greases, glues and components, oxidising agents, CI solutions, water, precipitating sludge, flocculants, cremes, pastes, polymers, casting resin, etc.
KT 50 50,0 l/h
KT 100 90,0 l/h
KT 200 200,0 l/h
KT 650 650,0 l/h
TECHAP’s metering pumps are rotate-lift-rotation piston pumps with electronically regulated drives. The pistons and cylinders are made of ceramic, a material with excellent chemical and mechanical properties that are resistant to practically all liquids and gases (chemicals, solvents, oil and alcohol). The basis of the new metering system is the internationally patented TWIN-BALL SYSTEM that makes it possible to generate the lift-rotate movement of the piston. With conventional lift-metering pumps, the input/output valves are always necessary and difficult. Now, with the rotating function, they are superfluous. The lift movement that is simultaneously dependant upon the rotating movement generates suction and displacement. All of the parts coming into contact with the liquid are inert and the metering system is not sensitive to soiling. Flakes and solid matter in the metering substance are non-damaging to a limited extent. This system is also self-suctioning up to 30 mbar absolute.
Further benefits: reproducible metering accuracy suitable for liquids of high viscosity, temperatures up to 180° C, pump head may be heated in a special design (optional equipment). In addition, the metering system also works backwards by reversing the drive direction (optional equipment).

The metering error of pumps excluding control errors < 0.2%. Pressure fluctuations do not impair the metering quantities of the pump (only depends upon the metering material and control mechanism).
This metering system may also be used as a volumetric measurement with inlet under pressure and modified as a vacuum pump up to 97% vacuum (refer to vacuum pump). Other systems with greater performance up to 100 mbar are presently in long-term testing. We also have pulsation-free double-piston pumps with the KTD model designation available. This makes completely new applications possible.

NOTE: Higher-viscosity substances lower pumping capacity noticeably because of the suction behaviour of the substances to be conveyed (exhalation, compressibility, flow behaviour, drive performance, etc.)

We are offering five drive applications at the present:
KTF = fixed-speed drive for constant metering
KTH = speed regulation with a potentiometer.
KTZ = pump unit with converter and no drive motor.
KTC = µ-controlled as described below:
KTD = pulsation-free double-piston metering pump with C

The high-quality direct-current drive with gear stage is driven by TECHAP’s C2 control mechanism. The metering pump is constantly monitored by the built-on increment transmitter and it regulates the target value. The two-line display with 5 user-led buttons makes programming easy.